Transformative Leadership Training

OUR FIRST PRIORITY -- is to train and develop students at all levels. When training needs are identified and gaps are present, our firm will seek to collaborate with school Administrators and Community Stakeholders to provide a comprehensive approach to address opportunities. 


  • Students in crisis can lead to suspension; both in school or out of school. 

  • Out of school suspension can lead to major and minor acts of crime in the community.

  • Students that are not properly trained to navigate crisis, can lead to repeat behavior and likely to a wayward lifestyle with little direction.

Disclaimer: Results of student success and overall improvement will vary and are tailored based on a myriad of factors that impact learning and comprehension.
Crisis Management

Sensitivity Training

Sexual Assault

Sexual Harassment

Domestic Violence

Gender Harassment

Suicide Prevention

Financial Awareness

Saving For Tomorrow

Understand Your Wealth

Living Within Your Means 

Self Awareness

Cultural Awareness

Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct

Keeping Yourself Grounded

How to Create a Circle of Trust


Social Skills

Eliminating Drama

Social Media

Respecting Myself and Others

​Conflict & Alternative Dispute Resolutions

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