Strategic Planning for Sports Enterprises​



  • can improve the retention and attrition rate at the entire organization

  • reduce situations that would bring a negative spotlight 

  • improve the success of the players

  • and strengthen the relationship with local communities   

NO PRESSURE FINANCIAL LITERACY -- Second Thoughts partners with local financial educators to provide a series of classes that cover everything from the basics to investing. The classes are considered (No Pressure) because the instructors do not work for any type of investment firms or banking intuitions.



ALIGNING STAKEHOLDERS TO THE CAUSE -- We provide strategic planning for long-term solutions.  Our consultants will speak with local philanthropists and nonprofit organizations to create a list of organizations that help the community in the times of crisis. This list is provided only by request of those who may want to get involved locally and possibly looking to make a financial donation.


Solutions  might include:

  • Partnerships with school districts to create incentives for our youth.

  • Maintaining S.W.O.T. Analysis, Gap Analysis and Due Diligence reports with local non profits

  • Social Entrepreneur and Skilled Training

  • Liberal Arts & Music Integration to bolster creative outlets​​​​​