Strategic Planning for Strong Communities​



  • can improve the retention and attrition rate at the college level

  • reduce juvenile crime rates

  • improve the success of the young adult workforce

  • and impact the growth rate of the communities public safety  

FUND MANAGEMENT FOR DONORS -- investing into the youth is an ongoing strategy that must be revisited annually.  Our team at Second Thoughts will partner with donors to create a strategy that can survey and assess areas in the city, much needed for improvements that gear toward the vibrant renewal of youth services.  We create a place of accountability for funds allocation to the nonprofit agencies.  



ALIGNING STAKEHOLDERS TO THE CAUSE -- We provide strategic planning for long-term solutions.  Our consultants will speak with philanthropists, donors and investors to create custom plans that support the educational system and communities in the time of crisis. 


Solutions  might include:

  • New real estate acquisitions to create services for our youth.

  • Maintaining S.W.O.T. Analysis, Gap Analysis and Due Diligence reports with local non profits

  • Social Entrepreneur and Skilled Labor training

  • Liberal Arts & Music Integration to bolster creative outlets​​​​​

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